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Eighth Regiment Connecticut Volunteer Infantry Ancestors

Do you have an ancestor that served with the Eighth Connecticut in the Civil War?

If so, wed love to hear from you. We may have information that could help you in researching your ancestor. We are also on the lookout for new sources of primary information on the Eighth Connecticut letters, diaries, photos, etc. to help develop the history of the Eighth. If you have any information concerning your ancestor or the Eighth in general, we would appreciate the opportunity of obtaining copies of these records to place in our archives.

We are a not-for-profit organization, and thrive on the specific details that your primary source materials can provide us. We use this sort of information, stories, and profiles of your ancestors to tailor our own living history portrayals of the men that we all consider our heroes and patriots. Your family gems become the scripts that we use to be first person reflections of their experiences. We use this material as internal education to tailor our work to your family history.

We can also help with transcriptions of your collections. This involves our experience in reading letters of the time, and allows us to fill in many blanks, like names of people referenced, and historical events that are mentioned in passing. We have transcribed many private letter collections, and library and historical society collections so that they better understand the context of the minute details in the material.

It is our mission to write a regimental history that the original members never created. It is with your valuable help that we can make it as accurate and as personal as humanly possible. We obey all copyright laws and all restrictions placed on private documents. We will not publish, distribute or release any information outside of our Unit without your express written permission.

Please contact us at 8cv@comcast.net and let our shared partnership begin!

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