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Our group, the Eighth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers, Company A, Inc., is a not-for-profit, incorporated, living history organization, formed to portray a Union infantry company of the Eighth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers during the American Civil War. The purpose of our unit is to educate both members and public alike, and in so doing promote our Civil war heritage.


The Eighth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers, Company A, Inc. was formally organized in 1995, and has members with many years of experience in Civil War reenacting. The unit is affiliated with the United States Volunteers (USV) organization at the national level. We are organized under a set of by-laws, guiding the operation of the unit, and are governed by an elected Executive Board.
We are an group of people with a deep interest in the Civil War, and we strive to accurately portray the unit, it's times, and the soldiers who comprised the Eighth. We conduct on-going research and continuously work to improve our portrayals and impressions.
The unit is and has been involved in a wide spectrum of activities and Civil War events, including:
The unit is active year round, but especially during the "campaign" season from April to October. We travel to many historic locations from New England to Virginia. We have fought on and near original battlefields, at original garrison forts, and many National Parks and Battlefield Monuments. We also participate in a good share of community events in and around Connecticut.
We are always interested in new membership inquiries. We encourage anyone with interests in history, the Civil War, the Union Army, and the shaping of this nation, to contact us for more information. Get involved in a rewarding and unique hobby with us. We also welcome people portraying accurate civilian impressions as associate members. Please contact our membership chairman as listed in the back of this brochure.




The Company shall be governed by an executive board, which shall act in accordance with the By-Laws, and shall consist of the following offices: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Military Member-at-large.

The term of office shall be one year. Elections shall be held at the Annual Meeting for all offices.
The executive board is responsible for approving new members, preparing the annual budget, investigating and proposing events and parades, corresponding with other groups and units, directing and overseeing the Company Committees, and peforming all usual executive functions.
The President prepares the agenda for and direct all Company meetings, advise and assists other officers and Committees in their tasks, and act as chief executive officer of the Company as necessary.
The Vice-President assists the President and acts as President in his absence. The Vice-President also manages and oversees Committees.
The Secretary records minutes of Executive Board and Company meetings, and keeps and maintains Company records.
The Treasurer keeps Company funds, maintains financial records of the Company, collects dues a d makes disbursements as authorized, and files an annual report at the annual meeting.
The Military Member-at-large acts as liaison to the Military Board, and assists the Executive Board as needed.

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