8th Conn. Vols. Quartermaster Guidelines

Please read all this information before proceeding.
This uniform and equipment list is the result of years of research and experience.
It is constantly updated to provide you with the most authentic equipment for the best price.
Each item is listed with the most appropriate supplier listed first, and acceptable substitutes following.
These choices are based on the highest level of authenticity for the best price.

The homework is already done for you.
There are reasons why some suppliers are listed for specific items and not for others.
We ask that you follow the list when making new purchases or upgrading your existing impression.

Where do you start?
Buy things that others cannot temporarily loan you.
These are big ticket items like a musket, and personal things like brogans and eyeglasses.
If you need glasses order a period pair, since modern glasses simply are not allowed.
After musket and shoes, a canteen is essential for safety in the heat.

The best approach is to consider the items, select a vendor,
then check with a veteran member to see if your choice is the best appropriate.
This will avoid buying things that turn out to be unacceptable and need to be returned.
Ask around about possible used equipment, since quality used things can ease building your kit.

With the current state of affairs today, before ordering a big ticket item,
you must first contact the vendor in person via phone to ensure that the order is possible,
and to discuss charging, back order times, and refund expectations.

The links provided below should lead you directly to the specific item page.
On some websites, it may be necessary to edit the URL to get to the main page
for detailed purchasing information. Or use the links at the bottom of this page.

If you have any questions at all, please contact the 8th's Quartermaster. Link below.
Also contact us if you have comments, feedback, or any input, regarding this information.


Forage Cap McDowell is preferred.
Type II is acceptable.
Kepi low numbers.

Frock Coat Not priority, but original 8CV issue.
Brass state buttons available.
Contact Quartermaster.

Sack Coat Also called Fatigue Blouse.
Should be purchased first.
Get a lined version.

Shirt Federal dommet flannel or wool preferred.
Civilian pattern cotton acceptable.
Skip the off-white muslin.

Drawers "Union suits" not acceptable.
These drawers are ideal.

Trousers Sky Blue preferred.
Dark Blue acceptable.
Avoid neon dye colors.

Suspenders Also known as "braces".
Don't get caught with your pants down.

Socks Knit wool socks preferred.
Cotton socks summer acceptable.
Skip the tube socks.

Shoes Jefferson Bootees, sewn soles, with heel plates.
Well-fitting, authentic shoes are extremely important.
Should be one of your first purchases.

Eyeglasses If you absolutely need them, period eyeglasses are required. Period.

Historic Eyewear Company
Local Antiques Stores

Vest Optional.
Dark blue, brass buttons preferred
Civilian pattern cotton acceptable.

Greatcoat Optional.
Federal Sky Blue preferred.
Connecticut Grey acceptable.
Better than a sleeping bag.

Arms & Accoutrements:

.58 Cal. Rifled Musket 1861 Springfield preferred.
1853 Enfield acceptable.
1855 Springfield Type 2 low numbers.

Musket Sling Buy it with the rifle, or alone.
Be sure of period correct model.

Bayonet Original bayonets preferred.
Stronger and fit better.
Reproductions acceptable.

Scabbard The sheath for the bayonet.
Springfield/Gaylord preferred.
Enfield pattern acceptable.

Cartridge Box Get .58 caliber pattern 1861.
Get front oval US brass plate.
Cartridge box tins also required.

Cartridge Box Sling Get Eagle brass breast plate.

Cap Pouch Mid-war variant preferred.
"Shield Front" acceptable.

Waist Belt Get oval US belt plate.
Leather or brass keeper.

Rifle Cleaning For your cartridge box tool pocket.

Nipple Wrench & Pick
Scraper & Jag

All Sutlers


Canteen Smoothside w/ leather sling Early War.
Bullseye w/ web sling Late War.
Grey cover preferred, brown or blue acceptable. Look for pewter spouts.

Haversack For rations, not personal items.
It gets greasy fairly quickly.

Plate Do not buy stainless steel.
Do not buy speckleware.
Do not buy aluminum.

Utensils Need wood or bone handles.
Forks have 2 or 3 prongs.
Flea Markets or Antique Stores.

Tin Cup Also a boiler to cook food.
Soldered top, bottom, wired handle.
Do not buy speckleware.
Do not buy deep drawn items.

Blanket Brown U.S. w/ end stripes preferred.
Grey U.S. Issue acceptable.
A good one is worth two crumby ones.

Rubber Blanket Also known as a gum blanket.
The soldier's ground cloth.
Do not buy vinyl items.

Poncho Optional.
Over the head, Slit in middle.
Slightly drier in the rain.
Do not buy vinyl items.

Shelter Tent 3 panel Early War preferred.
2 panel Late War acceptable.
No metal grommets!

Knapsack Optional.
Double Bag preferred.
Hardpack Early War acceptable.

Wedge Tent Early war & garrison impressions.
8'L x 6'W x 6'H preferred.
Avoid taller tents.


Our civilian members recommend this 19th century clothier.
South Union Mills

Also offers a good selection of civilian clothing.
C&D Jarnigan

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