United States Volunteers
3d Battalion
Antietam 140th Anniversary Reenactment
The Eighth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers

Artwork from "Connecticut Battleflags: The Civil War", with permission by the courtesy of
The League of Women Voters of Connecticut

J.H.Hawley, "History of Battle-Flag Day", Lockwood & Merritt, Hartord, Conn., 1880 p.118

The original colors of the Eighth regiment were received from "the Sons of Connecticut" in New York, the presentation taking place while the command was in camp at Jamaica, L.I. Wm. H. Cone of Company G was the first color-bearer, but after his promotion Henry E. Strickland was entrusted with the flag. The honor was not misplaced, as Strickland at the battle of Newberne was the first man to plant his colors on the entrenchments. At the battle of Antietam he was mortally wounded, but as he fell the flag was seized by Lt.Col. Appleman, subsequently Secretary of State of Connecticut, and held in the face of the enemy until Sergeant Walker of Company D took Strickland's place in the ranks.

The Color Guard at Antietam

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