United States Volunteers
3d Battalion
Antietam 140th Anniversary Reenactment
The Eighth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers


Tues, Sept 16
12:00am - 8CV arrives from Boonsboro on Rohrback farm
1:00pm - put in line of battle behind hill near bridge, spend night in line
Wed, Sept 17
6:00am - move down Rohrback's lane to support battery
7:00am - Harland moves left and rear into swale, faces to the left
7:15am - plunging solid shot kills 3, wounds 4 in Co.D.
7:30am - Harland moves 8CV back to the brigade front
8:00am - Burnside orders 11CV pulled out to support a battery.
9:00am - 11th Ohio tries for the bridge, repulsed
8:10am - Harland moves 2d.Brg. (8,16CV,4RI) left, prolonging the line
10:00am- Benning's Georgians (2,20Ga) hold out above bridge
- 11CV attacks bridge, but are repulsed. Col. Kingsbury, Capt. Griswold killed
11:00am - Nagle's Brg. (2Md,6NH,9NH,48Pa) attack bridge twice, repulsed
11:30am - Rodman has Harland send two companies to find a ford for 3d.Div.
12:30pm - Fairchild moves 1st.Brg. (9,103,89NY) to Snaveley's ford
12:30pm - Harland moves 2d.Brg. towards Snaveley's ford
- Harland sends for 11CV, aide could not find them
1:00pm - Fairchild's 1st.Brg. crosses the Antietam
- 8CV detached to support battery, 16CV and 4RI cross
1:00pm - Ferraro's Brg. (21,35Ma,51Pa,51NY) attack bridge
- 51NY & 51Pa attack and carry bridge
1:15pm - Crossing of 3d.Div. and loss of bridge force Benning to withdraw
- Benning's troops contest Snaveley's crossing
- Harland posts 2d.Brg. behind stone wall at top of bluff
1:30pm - Btty enfilades left flank, Harland moves right, under bluff
- Benning harrasses then rallies at stone fence at edge of corn
2:00pm - 8CV rejoins 2d.Brg. Harland moves more to right with 1st.Brg.
3:00pm - Rodman has Harland form brigade on left of 1st.Brg.
3:40pm - A.P.Hills division arrives from Harpers Ferry on Union left flank
3:45pm - Gregg's South Carolinians (1,12,13,14SC,1SCR) support Benning
3:50pm - Kemper's Virginians (1,7,11,1,7,24Va) advance on Willcox's 1st.Div.
3:55pm - Brown's Btty opens as Willcox's 1st.Div. advances
4:00pm - Rodman orders 3d.Div. advance
- Fairchild 1st.Brg. starts up hill to support left of Willcox
- Harland orders 2d.Brg advance, 8CV starts, 16CV & 4RI do not
4:05pm - Harland asks Rodman if to halt 8CV, Rodman will hurry 16CV & 4RI
4:10pm - 8CV advances, passing Gregg and Benning on left flank
- Rodman faces 16CV left, parallel to Gregg's line on left flank
4:15pm - Rodman sees open flank, is killed, 8CV men bear him to the rear
- Harland takes command, goes for 16CV & 4RI, horse is shot
4:18pm - Harland orders 16CV to face right and hit Gregg's flank
- 4RI to left rear of 16CV goes into corn, sees troops to front
4:20pm - 16CV cannot change front in the corn, and is routed
- 4RI sends color guard forward, rebels volley at 10 paces
- Rebels cry to stop shooting friends, 16CV and 4RI believe it
4:20pm- Fairchild's 1st.Brg. obliques right towards Harpers Ferry Rd,
- 89NY on left flank of 1st.Brg. veers off to left
4:20pm - 9NY and 103NY charge Brown's Btty, stall, gain wall, go prone
- 8CV advances to right under crest and follows left of 103NY
- Toombs advances McIntosh's Pee Dee Btty, fires canister on 8CV
4:25pm - Gen. Longstreet and staff help man the gun and fire on 8CV
- 8CV still advances and fires, driving the gunners away
4:30pm - 8CV Co.K with Capt. Upham momentarily capture McIntosh's Btty
- The rebels counterattack 8CV front and flanks, including
- Archer's Brg. (1,7,14Tenn,5Ala,19Ga)
- Toomb's and Benning's Georgians (2,11,15,17,20,50Ga)
4:35pm - Fairchild's 1st.Brg, ordered to retire by Willcox of 1st.Div.
- the 8CV color guard shot down, 8CV flanked left by 7 & 37 NC, right by Toombs.
- Pvt. Charles Walker, Co.D raises the national colors
- Lt.Col. Hiram Applemen is seriously wounded, borne to rear
4:40pm - Maj. Ward orders the 8CV to retire, once, twice
- The 8CV retires in order from the front, off to the right rear
5:00pm - 8CV stops near Otto's house and swale to rest
6:00pm - Harland finds 11CV, reassembles 2d.Brg. on road west of bridge
7:00pm - darkness falls, desultory firing by pickets
Thurs, Sept 18
- rebels withdraw from field, wounded helped, dead buried
- 8CV reported 34 killed, 139 wounded, 21 missing for 194 total
Fri, Sept 19
- 8CV withdraw to Antietam Iron Works

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