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Uxbridge 1996 Event Report

Uxbridge, Massachusetts
October 12, 1996
October 12th, 1863

Dear Friends,

Orders came early Saturday that we were to advance north to join the rest of the brigade. We were gotten up, and without breakfast, and made our way through town to the great delight of the citizens. There was word through the ranks that the Rebs were close by.

Upon our hasty arrival in camp we were behest to fall in for drill with the other regiments. So we got on with drilling and marching and wheeling to the left and right to give demonstration to the officers and towns folk alike. After firing a good many vollies, we broke ranks and made our way to the shade of the trees overlooking the creek. we had our usual hard bread, coffee, and the like. One of the boys procured some chickens from a local farm and we had a feast unlike any since the wonderful summer days at home and Mother's fine cooking.

Soon we could hear a great chorus of musketry coming from over the rise. Drums began to roll and we formed up quick and moved out with the band playing a jubilant tune. Upon reaching the crest I saw the whole brigade before us.

The rebels were massed at a stone wall off in the distance. As the officers were yelling orders to Green Coats moved against the rebs, got within thirty paces of their position and the rebs shot them all dead. Regiment after regiment began going forward. None of our boys could reach the wall, they fell back then advanced then were pushed back again.

Finally we were given the order and went forward through all the smoke and death. As we got closer I heard the balls whistling past my head as a good many of our beloved 8th fell. We fired valiantly and killed many rebels, but we were pushed back too. At long last our reenforcements arrived and stormed the wall, but could not take it. Soon retreat was called, and we fell back. All the while the rebs were laughing and taunting us, reminding me of the unpleasant memories of teh crossing of the Rappahannock and Fredricksburg one winter ago.

We returned to camp disheartened and discouraged. We'll whip them tomorrow, though.

Your obedient servant,
Mark W.

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