Eighth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers

Company A, Inc.

St. Patrick's Day Parade
New Haven, Conn.

March 14, 1999
New Haven, Ct.
March 14, 1863

Dear Friends,

A good sized detail from the old 8th was in the state for the expressed purpose of recruitment, and conducting the recruits back to the seat of war. During our stay, the St. Patrick's holiday was observed, and we were cordially invited to participate with several other military organizations. We were pleased to accept, and proceeded to march the route through the most of the city, along Chapel Avenue, Church Street, and the New Haven Green. Our reception was most acceptable, and the citizens seems charged with the military air. We were flying the colors of the 8th, and were pleased to be among friends who did not fire upon them.

Our deportment and behavior did not go unnoticed by the reviewing judges and parade chairmen. Shortly after the end of the parade, we were informed that we were judged to be the second place military unit in the parade, and were awarded a fine and handsome walnut and brass plaque as an honor. We were pleased, and thanked the citizens of New Haven for their hospitality, and graciously accepted their presents. We will conduct them back to the regiment, and will present them to the men who have advanced cause, and preserved our Union. And many Sunday prayer will be said to bless the fine folks who put on this parade.

Love to all at home,

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