Eighth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers

Company A, Inc.

Smith-Harris House

September 30-October 1, 2000
East Lyme, Conn.
October 1st, 1862
Smith-Harris House
East Lyme, Conn.

Dear Mother,

We are about to leave our camp site shortly, but I did want to write and tell you of our events. It was exactly two weeks ago that the 8th Connecticut was thrown into battle near the banks of the Antietam Creek in Sharpsburg, Maryland. Shortly after the engagement, a portion of Company A was sent back to Connecticut to promote enlistments, and I happened to be one of them. Yesterday all twelve of us marched through the town of East Lyme to the Smith-Harris House, a Greek-Revival house that was built 17 years ago. Many town-folk turned out to meet us. We marched to the tune of fife and drum, and I had the honor of carrying one of the colors. It amazed me how awkward it could be!

We arrived at the House Saturday morning shortly before 10:00. The townspeople, who had gathered at the house to watch us march up the path, cheered as our colors passed by. My darling Kathryn was among them. We made our camp in a small orchard between the house and a barn. Throughout the day the civilians came over to talk to us about our past exploits, which we told with great pride. To show off a bit, we practiced some maneuvers and firing demonstrations with Sgt. Perlotto talking to the crowd explaining each step. Afterwards we settled for some lunch. Mid-afternoon we had a game of Townball with some spectators in attendance, as there were not enough members of the 8th to make a complete game. It went well enough, although we managed to lose against ourselves, 22-5.

It was a very relaxed day, with a lot of mingling and little activities going on around the grounds. That night was cold, but not as cold as it could have been, and we slept fairly soundly. Sunday morning greeted us, and a church service was held. After which we held more demonstrations for the public. It was a wonderfully lazy week-end, and a wonderful rest from the intensity of battle at Sharpsburg which we faced such a short time ago.

We're about to head out to our next destination, so I must bid farewell for now. Please give my love to all the family. I will remain, as ever,

Your son,

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