Eighth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers

Company A, Inc.

Sutton, Massachusetts

August 5-6, 2000
Dear Father,

I was overjoyed to see you and mother in Washington. As you may have read in the papers, there was recent action by the secesh. I am alive and well. It all began when I left you and Mother. I met up with Corporal Bingham, Private Oakley, Private Maston, and his son on the train. We were on our way to join up with the 8th, stationed near Petersburg. Needless to say, we were delayed.

The secesh started a movement towards the right flank of our army and the five of us were detached to the 25th Massachusetts, a good bunch of fellows all around. I was brevetted and given a battalion of three companies and another two companies, under Captain Harbinson, placed under my command. I have to admit; my fellows and I felt a bit like poor cousins. The 25th had been in camp for some time we were able to scrounge a few shelter halves but I hadn't realized so much canvas and equipment had ever been made. I suppose this is a result of being on the march too often.

We saw action for two days, nothing notable to write about except that it was hot work. We held the line and it seems that the war will drag on a bit longer. During a flag of truce, Major Allen gave me permission to send a message to the Rebs. I saw our cousin still in a Maryland Regiment- he looks well and sends his regards. At times, it is hard to remember that we are divided by war.

Our stint in the 25th complete, the lads and I are returning to the noble 8th.

Your son,

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