Eighth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers

Company A, Inc.

On to Richmond - 2nd Conn. Heavy Artillery

August 13-14, 2011
Three Rivers Park
Woodbury, Conn.

Dear Friends,

Our humble band of 8CV and 14CV bretheran came together at Three Rivers Park in Woodbury to enjoy the event sponsored by our finest friends of the Second Connecticut Heavy Artillery. Friday evening was a fine night, the camps grew and grew by the minute, as the entire Union army of the New England Brigade assembled in camp. Our friend Chris did have a panic, as he had dropped his wedding ring in the dark somewhere around the fire pit. We all looked hard and long for it, but did not find it that night.

Saturday morning brought us a fine day, and a good line for our combined company of 26 rifles. We were done with breakfast and morning reports. The battalion held a morning formation to get some idea of strength, and that was quite acceptable to the command. Then we formed up and conducted some fine company drill. The drill went very well, so the study and repetition was not necessary. The boys were dismissed back to camp. During that time, our best scout, Bill, turned up Chris's ring pretty much right where he dropped it the night before. Much rejoicing was had by all, particularly Chris.

After a time, there was spotted to the north, a rebel push to claim the town of Unity. The citizens there put up a fuss, and the right wing of the brigade was turned out to engage and thwart the attempted push. The fighting was shortly finished, the rebels repelled, but it was not certain whether the anger of the citizens or the lead of the Federals were the deciding factor.

That afternoon, the entire brigade was formed and once again marched to the north. We were held in position masked behind rows of corn. To our front, the rebels once again advanced in force, and were cehcked first by our right wing, then our left wing was advanced. The coordination of the defence was not well amanaged, and so our troops were decimated in detail, and most of the line was broken, and skedaddled to the rear, leaving the rebels in occupation of the battlefield.

Back in camp, the boys relaxed once more. There was a big banquet held back in the town of Unity that evening, and passes were obtained for the most of the boys to go and attend. There was chicken, pork, corn bread, cob corn, baked beans, watermelon, in unlimited quantities for all. That surely beat army rations, and all there got a good full belly.

Back in camp, the boys got to a good tournament of BearTrap. It was proceeding well towrds the end when the cloud came and the sky opened. Every soldier was sent scrambling to batton down their hatches. That was an unauspicious end to the evening society. The night was spent without too much disaster in the pouring rain. The morning came, and the rain had taken its toll. In spite of the best will, the sick call that morning consumed the entire company, and the troops melted away from the event. It is certainly regretable that the day could not be sustained, with all the effort and work the 2CHA put into the event, but Mother Nature had spoke, and there was nothing smart in standing in the rain for the next many hours. Our regrets extended, we retired from the field.

Your humble servant,
Seth Plumb

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