Eighth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers

Company A, Inc.

Genessee Country Village Annual Reenactment

July 13-15, 2012
Monroe / LeRoi, New York

July 15, 2012
Genessee, New York.

Dear Friends,

This event had eluded us for many years, and once our good friends from the 28MaCoK determined to invite us, it has been a regular event not to be missed. This time, we traveled a long way and arrived with great weather and good temperatures. July in new York can be trying, but this was perfect. We found the Genessee Museum Village up to all its best, with a Lowell baloon floating over the scene, and ascentions available to all the reenactors who could want it.

We hooked up with our pards in camp, and set up in the village in company streets in the shade of the houses and the many shade trees. We enjoyed the evening as frieds continued to come in and helped them set up.

Saturday morning brought reveille and roll call, and our company with Capt. Bryda was strong. The rations were detailed and eggs, ham, cheese, potatoes, coffee, sugar, and vinegar were all gathered and dispatched.

The day brought an alarm of rebels in the vicinity, so that we were put on the march, and we found them. We thwarted their entry into the town, and had to fight them from street to street, and house to house. The result was unclear, since once the conflict halted, they were still close by, and it was not sure who were the victors.

Once the day was done, we were welcomed to one of the homes in town, where all the folks of the 28MaCoK treated us to some real good home cooking. Everything that one could imagine welcome to a soldier was laid out in front of us for the supper meal. We were all so greatful, and welcomed the hospitality like no other.

The evening brought the annual and very welcome festivity of the cotillion and convention. We all gathered at the exposition barn, and the folks of the town and the soldiers of both armies gathered in society. The music was sublime, and the reels and dances commenced. The refreshments were first rate, and worthy of the sponsors name. A good time was had by all until the wee hours.

Sunday morning back in camp brought the usual military customs. Revielle, roll call, rations, and, yes, drill. The battalion was formed up on the town green, and a dress parade was conducted. From there, we were marched out to the west, and across the fields, we were put in line, skirmishers out, and shortly, received the attack of the enemy. The battle was linear, and the guns to our rear barked their corn upon us. Soon, it was concluded, and the troops gathered, and marched once again for the village. There were were dismissed, said our good-byes, and departed for the long travel home. This is a awonderful old school reenactment, where nothing is too high pressure, a good time is had, and all are treated fairly. Do consider this as something we should always do for the comraderie and the spirit of our hobby.

Your humble servant,

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