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O.R.-- SERIES I--VOLUME 9 [S# 9]

MARCH 23-APRIL 26, 1862.--Siege of Fort Macon, N. C.
No. 2. -- Reports of Brig. Gen. John G. Parke, U.S. Army.


CAROLINA CITY, April 8, 1862---noon.

GENERAL: I sent a dispatch to you yesterday evening, and as the sergeant has not yet returned I fear he may have been intercepted by the rebel cavalry between Havelock and New Berne.

In the dispatch I inclose Colonel Wilson's report(*) of an attack upon his outside pickets by the rebel cavalry, wounding 1 man and probably taking 1 prisoner.

This morning he reports that not only 1 but 8 are missing; that he increased the picket last night, but nothing further occurred. Today he sends out four companies to burn the county road bridges.

This second dispatch I sent you this morning, and fearing that the bearer may be waylaid beyond Havelock, I will send this by Slocum's Creek.

I am informed that Captain King some two or three days ago, heard some cavalry, I believe two, on a cross-road near the deserted battery, Croatan, and shortly after he saw a rocket. Now this may be mere rumor. Still it behooves us to look out. I will write King to make a report to you of the circumstances.

We sent quite a large mail this morning. I sincerely hope it has not been picked up by the enemy.

The balance of the Ninth New Jersey should be sent down to Newport at once, and I think it advisable to have strong pickets posted throughout the railroad; but it is out of the question for me to attend to it from this point.

The stern-wheeler cannot reach the Banks, and taking advantage of the tides is a slow progress.

Morris' company goes over this evening, the Eighth Connecticut during the night, and then I will send all the Fourth Rhode Island, excepting two companies, which I will leave here. The two launches with howitzers are here; these can protect the retreat of the two companies to the stern-wheeler if forced to retire; this is hardly to be expected.

I wish I had some cavalry down here to drive these rebels out of the country. I do not believe there are more than two companies of them.

In haste, yours, faithfully,