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Casey's Infantry Tactics The guide for instruction, including School of the Soldier, School of the Company, Skirmish Drill, and School of the Battalion. All reenactors should start here.
         Volume I     Volume II     Volume III
The Official Records The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies. From the Ohio State University project. Searchable OR for all primary source history, at least as it was reported. Start with the history as it was originally written. This is the best site of several out there.
US Army Regulations Revised 1861 From the Making of America project. The army was operated under these procedures, requirements, and practices. a great outline to all things military, including parade, garrison, commissary, quartermaster, &c.
Dyer's Compendium A veteran of the 7CV, Fred Dyer compiled a series of quick but comprehensive reports from every one of the US volunteer regiments, a good starting place to understand the history of any unit
Shedick's 8th Conn. Sketchbook Corporal Joseph A. Shadek of the Eighth Conn. Vols. was a prolific artist, and captured many a scene that defined the experiences of the regiment. They are part of the Bridgeport Public Library collection.
Connecticut Civil War Monuments This is a definitive work from the Connecticut Historical Society that focuses on the history of each and every Civil War Monument erected in the State of Connecticut. This information is peer to none, and is a great wealth of knowledge on the efforts to recognize the heros and veterans from Connecticut in the War of the Rebellion
The Drill Network! The most thorough, complete, and comprehensive work on period drill that has ever been accomplished, all from our good friends of the First Maryland, Co.H, and the Liberty Greys. This is not to be missed for those who want access to all the period documents! Major Lee Jones' work is an inspiration to us all.
Customs of Service for NCOs,
August Kautz, 1864
Duties and responsibilities for all soldiers and non-commissioned officers. (The USRegulars website is no longer working, so I include their content here.)
Customs of Service for Officers,
August Kautz, 1864
Duties and responsibilities for all officers.(The USRegulars website is no longer working, so I include their content here.)
Mahan's Outpost The verbose guide to the history, science, and practice of military science, including sentinels, picket, grand guard, and flankers. A must read for those who think they know the drill.
Reconnaissance on the Rappahannock Field Manual This is a definitive overview of the goals, objectives, and skills purveyed for the ROTR/RECON events. It is a good summary of the Mahan Outpost Manual material and how to conduct good perimeter defense, grand guard, outposts, pickets, and the sentinel. Author Tim O'Neill. Read It!

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