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Eighth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers, Company A, Inc.

The Captain leads our line of battle forward...

The Eighth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers, Company A, Inc., also known as the 8CV, Co.A, is an organization of people interested in the American Civil War, and the hobby of living history and re-enacting. We portray a three year infantry regiment from our native Connecticut.

They had a truely honorable service record. We strive for a very accurate portrayal of the unit, the times, and the first-person impressions of characters we research. Our organization conducts on-going research on the 8th Conn. Vols. and continuously improves our impressions accordingly.

We normally are active from early April til late October during the re-enactment season, but also conduct many off-season activities, such as winter tacticals, company drills, discussion groups, recruitment activities, and public living history displays.

We travel for many of these summer events to several historic locations from Virginia to New England, and have fought on original battlefields, garrisoned original forts, and have had events on and near many National Parks and Battlefield Monuments. We also participate in a good share of community based events, such as local Connecticut and New England re-enactments, march in local parades, and participate in local living history events.

We are always interested in new membership inquiries, and encourage anyone with an interest in history, the Civil War, and the shaping of this nation, to contact us for more information on how to get involved in a very rewarding and unique hobby and organization.

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Eighth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers, Co.A, Inc.

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