The Eighth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers
Antietam National Battlefield Park
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Timeline of the 8CV Action at AntietamA minute by minute, blow by blow, account of the height of the battle for the 8CV
A.P.Hill CounterattackAn illustration of the planned maneuvers for the 8CV during the A.P.Hill counterattack scenario
Details of the 8CV at AntietamExcerpts from the pivotal Connectiut history publication,
"The Civil and Military History of Connecticut During the War of 1861-1865",
W.A.Croffut, J.M.Morris, Ledyard Hill, NY 1868
8CV Excerpts from Carman ManuscriptExcerpts regarding the 8CV from the definitive work of Gen. Ezra Carman, who interviewed all involved, and wrote his unpublished manuscript, which is in the National Archives, and is the final detailed account of the entire battle.
9th Corps Order of Battle at AntietamThe Order of Battle for the IX Corps at Antietam
The John Schildt Historic Description of the 8CVAuthor John Schildt, friend of the 8th and his description of the releated events.
Official Records of the 8CV at AntietamThe reports on the Eighth Conn. Vols. from the Battle of Antietam
The Story of the 8CV Color Guard at AntietamA roster and story behind the color guard which defended the colors of the 8CV at the Battle of Antietam, from J.H.Hawley, "History of Battle-Flag Day", Lockwood & Merritt, Hartord, Conn., 1880. This book documents the heroic deeds of each Connecticut Civil War regiment, on the day that the flags were all installed in the Connecticut State Capitol Hall of Honor, where they still reside today.
Primary Source Letter -
Capt. Wolcott Marsh
extracts of pertinent passages from the letters of Capt. Wolcott Marsh of the 8th, describing the campaign and the battle. (copyrighted).
Primary Source Diary -
1st.Lt. Roger Ford
The pertinent diary entries from 1Lt. Roger Ford of the 8CV, describing the events for the 8CV from Frederick, to South Mountain, to the Battle of Antietam. He was an officer in the detached company of th 8th which attacked and took, momentarily, McIntosh's Battery on the Harpers Ferry Road.
Primary Source Letter -
1st.Lt. Henry Hall
the original letter from 1Lt. Henry Hall of the 8th, describing the campaign and the battle as he experienced it.
Officers of the Eighth Conn. Vols.Information on the background of the 8CV commanders

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